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So, what did we learn?

So, what did we learn? A question I’ve often posed when summarising my research and this time I have a final, definitive answer. Put simply, I’ve grown tired of writing about biscuits, or rather, I grew tired of writing about biscuits quite a while ago. I told you how to build a house out of … Continue reading

Tim Tam or Flim Flam?

Australia, the land of opportunity, a continent and a country.  Yes it’s very far away, and yes one wonders as to the quality of the drinking water, but really in these dark economic times it doesn’t hurt to look further afield and wonder of other rich, more prosperous markets.  Notionally I understood the place to … Continue reading

How to Make a House Out of Biscuits.

‘Science takes time’ – the foundation and guiding philosophy behind my research.  I’m no big pharma, I know that due process, a tireless focus on accuracy and endless patience are all key to my work, and propping all that up is the knowledge that I suffer for you, dear reader.  Without me you wouldn’t know … Continue reading


Those of you that have read my previous posts understand that I’m a wordsmith, a purveyor of language if you will.  The sentences produced belie an inability to punctuate, hidden as they are under a warm veil of science and conversation.  It’s probably not surprising then that I’m often adding things to the common vernacular, … Continue reading

Free biscuits, but at what cost?

Well, it’s about bloody time! Somebody has finally offered me some free biscuits as a direct reward for my scientific and wordsmith excellence.  I congratulate them.  All I have to do is shamelessly feature their ‘viral’ ad campaign and maybe mention that you should ‘like’ their Facebook page.  A happy trade-off?  In terms of a … Continue reading

Happy Face?

“Cheer up”, two words that are unlikely to achieve their intended outcome.  There’s nothing worse than somebody trying to enthuse another with baseless sentiment.  Just saying it doesn’t make you anymore inclined to quit your state of melancholy, stress or anger; if anything you’re more likely to keep heading in the opposite direction.  My point?  … Continue reading

Microsoft Biscuits

Microsoft biscuits.  Not a phrase you often hear.  I associate Microsoft largely with poor web browsers, dreadful large scale releases, (FYI- Vista, ME, 2000, 98,), and Russian piracy.  Until recently however, I hadn’t associated them with biscuits, but that’s what a government conference will do to you.  I’d like to tell you all a little … Continue reading

Snow Bear White Chocolate Bisciuits

It’s easy in ‘modern’ Britain to often feel like you’re just about to be ripped off, or at least  someone’s going to try.  It’s inevitable – crisp packets are getting smaller before our very eyes, KitKats aren’t wrappped in foil any more, Margaret Thatcher isn’t sane.  Sometimes we alI look around and think, ‘Whats gone … Continue reading

Pocky – A Public Safety Warning

Sometimes it’s the job of scientists to not just inform but also to warn.  This post is just such a warning.  As many avid readers will know I have a low opinion of Mikado, an over priced, over blown waste of time.  Luckily, the literally tens of subscribers to this blog have done a lot … Continue reading


Well it’s been a while hasn’t it?  You could almost suggest I’d been a bit lazy of late, and unfortunately the reporting of my critical work has been a little slack.  I previously mentioned my struggles with seasonality- picking up the papers, looking at weird people, watching leaves fade to brown.  Its forlorn, its melancholy, … Continue reading

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