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Pocky – A Public Safety Warning

Sometimes it’s the job of scientists to not just inform but also to warn.  This post is just such a warning.  As many avid readers will know I have a low opinion of Mikado, an over priced, over blown waste of time.  Luckily, the literally tens of subscribers to this blog have done a lot of good work putting a dent into the sales of Mikado, thereby leading to it’s eventual demise.  Back slaps all round, or is it?

A friend of mine, who’s a little cheap and therefore buys food in obscure places, remembered my affection for biscuits and bought what she imagined would be a nice little treat.  How wrong she was..

To my horror I realised I was staring at Mikado in another form.  Sure the branding is different and the ‘space foil’ has a pattern but I’m no idiot, these are Mikado.  I’ve done a quick risk assessment, on the likelihood of others making the same mistake and the results are frightening.  All of you have a 7-8% chance of making the same mistake, so take another look at the photo, commit it to memory, and never, ever buy Pocky.  It’s a stupid name anyway…



4 thoughts on “Pocky – A Public Safety Warning

  1. I am deeply hurt by this review.
    As a life long subscriber to your usually fantastic, informative and unfaultable blog about biscuits I was disappointed and hurt by your review on Pocky.
    Firstly, I am not cheap. I drove 4 miles (Well, someone drove me) into town and hiked across the bustling and frankly quite dangerous streets of Bath especially to visit a small boutique shop that I discovered many weeks ago. I spent £1-1.50 of my hard earned money on this wonderful, authentically foreign delight.
    And anyway, I did not purchase the Pocky (that might I add you got extremely excited about and listened to a good ten minutes of my Mikado tales of when I dressed as a Geisha to spread the love of these wondrous biscuits) with your love of biscuits in mind; I purchased them in the hope that you would choke on them. So there.

    Posted by PockyPower | December 12, 2011, 5:59 pm
  2. ‘Pocky Power’ thanks for your comment, it’s always nice to have people take part in the debate. In no particular order: The dogs are doing fine, (although Misty has her moments!), no Barber jacket’s aren’t cool, even if you live in the country and yes I’d always take Grand Designs over X-Factor.

    I do however take exception to some of the points above. Namely, I know for certain that the horrendous Pocky gift wasn’t purchased for the princely sum of £1-1.50. I know this because the price tag of .89p was still on the packet.

    I would also like to note, that you bought them from a Chinese supermarket because, ‘it’s really cheap’.

    Finally, I distinctly remember suggestions that I’d ‘love them’ further adding, ‘because you like biscuits’. This flies in the face of your hurtful, and frankly inaccurate, choking comments.

    I’ll consider calling off the biscuit lawyers if you immediately retract your comments. Otherwise I’m hiring the Jaffa Cake legal team- http://www.prasadgupte.com/blog/jaffa-cakes-vat-exemption/#more-468

    Posted by biscuitswin | December 12, 2011, 7:37 pm
  3. i heart pocky! mega lolz 🙂 lolacaust! xoxoxo

    Posted by the one and only popalicious poptart xoxox | December 12, 2011, 7:52 pm

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