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Crumbs…That’s a big biscuit!

Autumn- the season of newspapers.  The so called summer is over and it’s once again time to find out what the rest of the world has been doing for the last 3 months.  No longer preoccpied with an unjustifiifed and uneding sense of joy lit against a backdrop of endless days; (and nights), the autumn has begun, you have no idea where popular culture has got to and what latest simon cowell powered behemouth is currently trending.  What better way to check the pulse of the nation then, than newspapers?  Well, plenty actually, but I’m keeping my news supply old school and largely biased.  However, I find that an hour of broadsheets can leave me feeling incredibly worried about the cost of private schooling my fictiuous children, the carbon footpirnt of my last holiday and the best time to finally invest in solar panels for the roof.  I therefore lay down my copy of the Guardian on occasion and chance it with the tabloids.  So it was with the 4th of this month.  Flicking casually through the Sun I saw this little story and knew it was written for me.  I was the target audience.

Crumbs…That’s a big biscuit!

‘A sweet-toothed brother and sister have created a whole range of super-sized versions of their favourite biscuits and sweets’


Will you look at that?

The story continues, ‘David Parry, 20, and his sister Laura, 23, spend one day every week crafting giant treats out of chocolate, sugar and butter. ‘

So now we’ve got giant biscuits and we’re beginning to question the sanity of the two people involved.  This could get good.

‘David and Laura, who is beginning her medicine degree at UEA, came up with the idea on their day off from their summer jobs working in a local cinema.  They cook up the snacks in their parents’ kitchen.’

So they spend one day a week making giant biscuits, both work at the same cinema and you would imagine, both still live with their parents.  Time to look at another of their creations.


Yep she’s definitley weird, what about the brother?


Yup, he looks just as weird.

In conclusion then, if you want legitimate news, real human interest stories and giant biscuits, buy a tabloid.



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