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Hit Biscuits Vlog. Why? And Wherefore?

Here at Biscuitswin we often feel that we’re not connecting with our fans, at least not in any conventional sense- signing yet another restraining order doesn’t count.  We wanted to connect with you – the biscuit lover and what better way to so than by the medium of film?   The glamour, the lifestyle, the fame.  Unfortunately it turns out that whilst we are good at science, we might be a little weak at video and as such you will notice a few glaring errors in the following film.  Things like – bad white board writing, a numbers system that isn’t concluded and a delusional fool who, whilst good behind a lense, should never be trusted for his opinions.  Enough excuses, let’s see some science in action…..




2 thoughts on “Hit Biscuits Vlog. Why? And Wherefore?

  1. I’m not a scientist. But I believe there should be a follow-up experiment whereby two more Hit biscuits are tested directly after the first. The results of multiple subsequent testing often yields revealing and exciting results. Hit biscuits emerge quite delicious halfway through masticating a second sample, which in turn opens the ‘saliva gates’ – a vital component which enables the taster to enjoy the third sample of Hit to its maximum.

    Posted by AllDayBiscuit (@AllDayBiscuit) | May 24, 2012, 8:47 am
  2. Thanks for your comment, although as you stated – ‘you’re not a scientist’. I’m always keen to hear the views of others, and the suggestion of multiple subsequent testing is certainly a good one. Perhaps I could learn to love Hit biscuits by eating lots of them, but quite frankly why bother? There are literally tens of brands to choose from which grab your attention immediately, and keep it; Choc Leibniz, Bourbons et al. To get past this old scientist I need proof in the first bite, validation of future commitment. However, never one to let my own opinions get in the way of research, why not try and prove me wrong? Any chance of a follow-up review from the All Day Biscuit Office?

    Posted by biscuitswin | June 2, 2012, 10:38 am

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